Best Bar Reinforcements pride themselves on supplying steel that exceeds the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Steel Credit energy saving criteria requirements.

Environmental PerformanceThe Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star credit program aims to encourage and promote environmentally sustainable steel production and fabrication. Steel manufactured at the Natsteel Singapore processing facility is eligible for the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star program. 100% of the steel is produced using an energy saving process, exceeding the 60% minimum requirement.

Natsteel Singapore are members of the World Steel Association’s Climate Program and have an internationally accredited Environmental Management System to ISO14001, they are also members of the world steel Association’s Climate Action Program.

Best Bar Reinforcements’ main supplier, Natsteel Singapore continues to lead the way with recycled content of at least 91%. When using Natsteel Singapore materials you are choosing an environmentally responsible product that will deliver a lower embodied carbon content for your build. The steel is produced at the Natsteel Singapore Mill, in a state of the art, energy efficient electrical arc furnace. The mill operates under one of the strictest environmental regulatory standards and boasts one of the lowest Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission levels produced per tonne of steel in the region. Natsteel products are ‘Green Label’ certified under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme.

For more information regarding the Green Star program please contact our offices, contact the Green Building Council of Australia or visit their website

At Best Bar we have introduced sustainable practices in order to improve our environmental performance and minimise our carbon footprint. We also undertake to balance our economic, environmental and social responsibilities to ensure that our activities have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.

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