The Green Revolution

Best Bar Reinforcements pride themselves on exceeding the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star® Credit energy saving criteria and are keen to set new benchmarks for environmentally sustainable steel.

The Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star® credit program aims to encourage and promote environmentally sustainable steel production and fabrication. Steel manufactured at our Natsteel processing facility complies with the Green Building Council of Australia‘s Green Star® program. 100% of our steel is produced using an energy saving process, exceeding the 60% minimum requirement.

Claim two points towards your Green Star® rating if at least 95% of structural and reinforcing steel used in the building is sourced from steel making facilities that meet best practice guidelines and are members of the World Steel Association’s Climate Program. NatSteel has an internationally accredited Environmental Management System to ISO14001 Member of the World Steel Association’s Climate Action Program.

One point awarded where at least 60% of all reinforcing steel is manufactured using energy reducing processes (100% of NatSteel supplied steel is produced using energy saving processing techniques).

One point awarded where at least 15% by mass of all reinforcing steel can be produced using offsite fabrication techniques.

Best Bar Reinforcements steel continues to lead the way with recycled content of at least 91%. NatSteel is one of the lowest Carbon emitters in the region. When purchasing our steel you are choosing an environmentally responsible product that will deliver a lower embodied carbon content for your build. Our steel is produced at the NatSteel Singapore Mill, in a state of the art, energy efficient electric arc furnace. The mill operates under one of the strictest environmental regulatory standards and boasts one of the lowest Carbon Dioxide (C02) emission levels produced per tonne of steel produced in the region. NatSteel products are ‘Green Label’ certified under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme.

For more information regarding the Green Star program please contact our offices, contact the Green Building Council of Australia or visit their website