Steel Facts

  • NatSteel produces only 0.5 tonnes of C02 per tonne of steel produced.
  • Three energy-reducing processes have been introduced at the Singapore plant, individually each exceeds the GBCA 40 MJ/tonne of steel billet energy reduction requirement (The Life Cycle Assessment of Natsteel Singapore Energy Reducing Initiatives, 2011)
  • The total energy reductions achieved at the NatSteel Singapore mill within the GBCA scope definition is 406 MJ/tonne (10 times greater saving than the minimum requirement)
  • The total energy-reducing measures achieved, outside of the GBCA scope, is 665 MJ/tonne steel billet (more than 16 times higher than the 40 MJ/tonne target)
  • Exceeds a post consumer recycled content of 91%