As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of steel reinforcement, Best Bar has delivered a broad range of reinforcing solutions to clients in the civil, commercial and residential construction sectors for more than 20 years. With extensive industry experience and ten locations across the country, look no further than Best Bar for your steel reinforcement needs.

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About Reinforcement Mesh

Steel reinforcement mesh is used on a variety of civil, commercial and residential construction projects to provide superior crack control and tensile strength. Produced in flat sheets with either square or rectangular grid patterns, it’s a prefabricated steel reinforcement material comprised of welded wire fabric that’s available in a broad range of varieties, sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of all construction projects.

Australia’s Reinforcing Mesh Suppliers

As one of the leading suppliers of steel reinforcement products across Australia Best Bar, an Australian owned family business, offers clients in the construction sector a great selection of ACRS accredited prefabricated mesh products at cost-effective prices. Our expert team members are available to assist you with your mesh reinforcement requirements and provide you with the correct mesh for your project. Our range currently includes the following mesh varieties.

Mesh Stacks


Square Mesh – General purpose mesh used mainly to reinforce concrete slabs for both commercial and/or residential projects. Our high-quality prefabricated square mesh products are available in a variety of gauge diameters and spacing measurements to suit the specifications of all construction projects. Square mesh can be used as driveway mesh, as well as in applications such as shed, warehouse and patio slabs.

Rectangular Mesh – Delivering greater tensile strength and reinforcement properties than square mesh, rectangular mesh is used in applications, such as concrete walls and floor slabs, where a greater tensile strength is required. Our high-quality prefabricated mesh is available in a wide variety of gauge diameters and spacing measurements and can be used wherever reinforced concrete slabs are required.

Trench Mesh – Available in a broad range of widths, long wire and cross wire diameter and spacing specifications, Best Bar’s trench mesh range has all civil, commercial and residential construction projects covered. This prefabricated mesh reinforcement variety is generally used to reinforce footing trenches and ground beams.

Galvanised Mesh – Reinforcement mesh that has undergone the galvanisation process to prevent corrosion and rusting (this involves applying a protective coating of zinc to the mesh), our galvanised reinforcement mesh range is available in several gauge diameters and spacing measurements. Due to its corrosion-resistant properties, galvanised mesh is used for applications which may involve water exposure.

Experienced, trained and knowledgeable about reinforcement mesh varieties and the needs of our clients in the construction industry, our team members can provide you with the ideal mesh product for the requirements of your civil, commercial or residential construction project. With ten Best Bar locations across Australia, the mesh reinforcement solution you’re looking for is never far away.

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